We design shirts that pay homage to the great city of Kansas City.

Broken. That's what your voice is today. A squeaking, painful remnant of the bellowing beast you became last night. When you screamed from the depths of your soul to beg favor from the Gods of Victory and beat back the Demons of Defeat. Because when the wind whips and rain falls, you are there. When Snowpacolypse looms, you shovel on. When the Heat of Hades boils, you sweat on. You have stood among thousands and you will stand alone. This isn’t just the home of the brave. It is the home of the Chiefs. Those mighty New Yorkers might smirk about your Royals shirt with all our bunts and base stealing. With your midwest manners you give them the nod and think, small ball got us to the World Series and you keep walking proudly. Your loyalty is a badge of honor, it proudly flows through your veins. There are tumble weeds, flat land and more cows than I care to count, but we also have a tribe that is loyal and that is what makes our city shine (or is that just the light reflecting off the yellow brick road). And incase you were wondering as you fly over our city, those aren’t clouds in the sky, that is the smoke from our city making the best BBQ on the planet.

Being part of our family allows you the unique opportunity to show your loyalty to your
community and help our family grow. It starts with you and we thank you for your support. Be on the look out for more exciting things from the LoyaltyKC team. You never know how your loyalty is going to pay off.

Thank you for showing your loyalty to Kansas City as we continue to strive to bring you the best shirts Kansas City has to offer.